TOM ADAMS’ Agatha Christie Cover Story

With 40 original cover paintings by Tom Adams, artefacts, photographs, sketches and original paperbacks, the exhibition tells the remarkable story between painter and illustrator Tom Adams and author Agatha Christie. The collaboration produced more than a hundred covers over a period of 18years, a body of work now considered iconic by the publishing world.

Carefully selected by curator Cristina Burke-Trees, the exhibition gives an insight into Tom Adams’ approach to the individual paintings, as well as glimpses into this extraordinary period of his life with story panels and captions.

The exhibition has attracted large numbers of visitors during its launch in Torquay Museum August to October 2012.

Limited edition prints and card pack that compliment the exhibition available for sale or return.

For more information, please read one of the following files:

Tom Adams Agatha Christie Cover Story 2013.pdf

Tom Adams Biography.pdf

Cristina and Tom Adams at Torquay Museum

August 2012

From Top Left to bottom right: They Do It with Mirrors, Three Act Tragedy, Labours of Hercules, The Murder at the Vicarage, The Moving Finger, Halloween Party, Dead Man’s Folly and The Hallow.